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Dr. W. H. Penewit

Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling International Representative Spotlight

Dr. W. H. Penewit of Hurst, TX, is a Certified Pastoral Member of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling and has been an International Representative since 2013. He is also a Professional Clinical Member of the NCCA, a Board-Certified Temperament Counselor and a Board-Certified Clinical Supervisor.

Dr. W. H. Penewit raised as a Roman Catholic, accepted Jesus at 18 years old. He was a charter member of The Palos Verdes Faith Center in Palos Verdes California under Dr. Ed Dufresne in the mid 1970’s. “It was there that the journey began” states Dr. Penewit. “I remember sitting in those services listening to Dr. Dufresne and seeing things take place that I thought were impossible.” It was there that Dr. Penewit learned that nothing is impossible with Jesus.

“I learned that The Word works even during the most difficult circumstances, and at The Penewit Institute, that belief is stronger than ever.”

Dr. Penewit incorporates this same faith in all his sessions.

Dr. Penewit specializes in marriage and family therapy, children, and teens as well as individual therapy. He works with single and married adults and his research with these groups keep The Penewit Institute in the forefront of faith-based therapy. However, there are many that do not know that Dr. Penewit’s work with children has been his heart his entire practice.

Dr. Penewit remembers his childhood as one of joy as well as challenges. Today a child is in greater need of guidance than they have every needed before. The Penewit Center’s work and research with Temperament and Children offers a spiritual aspect to your child’s growth as well as every aspect of their lives.

Stress is seen as something that must be dealt with as a foe and not an accepted friend. Dr. Penewit does not see stress as a character builder, but something that CAN be dealt with successfully.

Dr Penewit is a Viet Nam veteran and specializes in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He works with military and law enforcement as well as people of all ages suffering with P.T.S.D.  Doctor Penewit and his wife began counseling many years before, learning about temperament. He first became aware of temperament in 1993 while he was pastoring a church in Liberty, Indiana. He had a part-time job teaching at New Creations ministry in Richmond Indiana.

One of the courses that I was to teach was temperament therapy. As I began preparing to teach temperament to the staff, I began to realize what a powerful therapeutic counseling model temperament was. 

Pastoring a church full time and teaching at New Creations was quite a challenge, however it was a challenge that would prepare me for the future. 

 The Holy Spirit began His work in me where temperament was concerned as I taught. I began to realize that temperament could work!  Linda and I began to pray about temperament and how we may be able to use it to help set people free.

As I began to see patients off church property, I began to see the power of temperament and exactly how to use it.

We moved to Ohio where I finished my graduate studies, and eventually moved to Fort Worth Texas. We began our practice in Hurst Texas over 15 years ago and now see patients of all walks of life Not only in the Dallas Fort Worth area, but all over the world via video.

The use of temperament in our practice has proven itself in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We occasionally get referrals from doctors and psychiatrists who have heard of our work. 

When we apply temperament as the therapeutic counseling model, we see a high rate of success with paranoia, schizophrenics, bipolar 1 and 2, as well as other difficulties. 

Experience has shown me that temperament is one of if not the most viable counseling model available today. 

To date, I have never dealt with an individual that temperament was not able to help in one form or another.

Realizing the power of temperament therapy, I became interested in training others in the disciplines that I use on a daily basis.  Over the years I have become keenly aware that one human being sufficiently trained in temperament therapy can open an office anywhere on the planet and be successful.

Training future temperament therapists has always been a joy and an honor for me and something that I love doing. 

Our students are trained to understand that temperament and their faith in the word of God will assist them in the plan that God has for their lives.

In our practice we have yet to turn away any individual seeking our help.

Working with the individuals that we do and seeing that the societal norm on the planet earth has changed drastically, we realize that temperament therapy combined with The Word of God is the blessing that the world needs.

I am thoroughly convinced that the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling and the National Christian Counselors Association are entities that have been set by God for today and the future, and I am blessed to be a part of it.

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