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Bishop Dr. Cassandra Montgomery

Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling International Representative Spotlight

Dr. Cassandra Montgomery of Gwynn Oak, MD is a Certified Pastoral Member of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling and has been an International Representative since 2000.

I am a servant leader, affiliated with the National Christian Counselor’s Association (NCCA) and the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling (SACC) since 2000.   I am also a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor – Advanced Certification with faith-based advanced certifications in all ten areas.  It has been my pleasure to serve as an NCCA Clinical Supervisor since 2004 until the present. While serving in a Certified Academic Institution, I have been honored to teach the NCCA and SACC curriculum.  One of the most intriguing assets of our curriculum is the Arno Profile System (APS).  This amazing counseling technique provides a success rate of over 90%.  It also allows me to utilize the tool to detect certain temperament tendencies.

Upon becoming an International Representative with the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling in 2003, I experienced an awesome opportunity to teach the pre-requisite course which we offer at our school entitled Created In God’s Image.   This course provides Biblical, historical and scientific background on Temperament Therapy, evidence of the theory of temperament as a guide to understanding human behavior from a Christian perspective, and reasons why and how temperament is important.  Additionally, I have taught Creation Therapy.  This course entails how to resolve personal and professional relationship conflicts using a proven faith-based model, a simple five-step method for counseling and coaching, and a faith-based perspective on human behavior and how God’s plan works when understood and applied in our lives.  Created in God’s Image gives the students an opportunity to decide whether they should pursue another program in the realm of biblical studies or continue onto the next step of our counseling ladder; the knowledge gained will give them a sneak preview of what Creation Therapy entails.

Upon the passing of my husband, Apostle Bishop Eddie A. Montgomery in August of 2017, I became the Pastor of our Ministry, Family Bible Ministries Worldwide, Inc. University (FBMW). After serving very diligently for two years, challenges arose.  In October 2019, I vigorously asked the Lord for direction on what to do. In mid-November 2019, the Lord directed me to resign as Pastor and President of FBMW and close the ministry.  On December 29, 2019, I obeyed the Lord’s mandate and delivered my last sermon at FBMW.

The first week of January 2020, at 4:00 a.m., the Lord gave me the new name for His ministry. He said to me that “He redeemed me, released me and will rule over me in my next assignment.”   The name of the ministry is Divine Bread of Life International, Inc. (DBLI) – John 6:48-51.  We are a Christ-centered, God glorifying faith ministry with an international vision. He instructed me to have a school and a church fellowship so that His people can obtain salvation, so that His people can be delivered, that His people can be set free and trained according to His Word. God’s people must know that it is possible to live a devoted life for Jesus Christ and not a life of doublemindedness. Definitively, the Lord spoke and instructed me to teach His people the way to live for Him is by receiving the Holy Ghost.  He then instructed me to teach them how to continuously live for Him; and to let them know that His people must know that they can be delivered, and they can stay delivered. 

Divine Bread of Life International, Inc. is currently in the process of receiving tax exemption as a 501(c)(3) organization.  Additionally, in March 2020 DBLI partnered with Northwind Institute/Seminary under the auspices of President Rev. Dr. Robert J. Duncan, Jr., Ph.D.  As a result of this partnership, DBLI is affiliated with The Council of Private Colleges of America.   The N.C.C.A. and S.A.C.C. curriculums utilized through our C.A.I will enhance the totality of Divine Bread of Life International, Inc.  Our counseling program will provide the students with the skill set and knowledge to identify individual temperament needs, and so much more.  I have enjoyed teaching the Certified Temperament Life Coaching Program where we are showing the students how their spiritual gifts can work together with Christian Counseling and Temperament Life Coaching. 


At DBLI we know that if you fail to realize the resurrected power of Christ and participate in the fellowship of Christ’s sufferings, then you will not experience the fellowship of the Holy of Holies.  The following are qualifications of those who learn to experience Christ in the Holy of Holies: 

  • Those who are unafraid to let Him display His awesome resurrection power before their very eyes.
  • Those who can shake off the grave clothes of the former life and enjoy the freedom of the resurrection.
  • Those who are not satisfied with the things of this world.
  • Those who are willing to have all earthly perspectives stripped away and allow God to renew their minds to a fresh capacity for understanding. 

Don’t you want to know Him for the joy of kneeling in His awesome presence?!


How infinite is your grace for us?  This is just a foretaste of what’s to come.  You have prepared mansions for your children.  We’ll find our custom-built mansions beyond the pearly gates.   We are going to a place where sorrow is a stranger; negatives are non-existent; the church will shout the victory; hospitality will be the host; fellowship will be forever; the river of life will flow freely; the eternal will be visible and at last the saints will behold His face.  Praise Our God, I can hardly wait!  He will wipe every tear from our eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away. He who was seated on the throne said I am making everything new. Then He said, “Write this down for these words are trustworthy and true” (Rev. 21:3-5). Come Lord Jesus!

A special thanks to the Founders Drs. Richard and Phyllis Arno, Rev. Steven M. and Erin Baran, Rev. Dr. Robert J. Duncan, Jr.  and all SACC and NCCA Staff for the support you have provided.  You have helped enriched so many lives.  Lastly, I look forward to our continuous working relationship as I continue to serve, equip and prepare kingdom leaders.

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11 thoughts on “IR Spotlight”

  1. Bishop Dr. Cassandra Montgomery is an awesome, God fearing Woman of God. My prayer is that God will bless and continue to use Dr. Montgomery to His Glory.
    As a former student of FBWU, the teaching that i received was amazing.
    Through the teaching, God has used me in surmountable ways as i continue to serve the believers, and non-believers. I truly appreciate the gifts that our Lord Jesus Christ has placed in this woman servant, Bishop Dr. Cassandra Montgomery.

    The school, FBWI, had afforded me to obtain, Certification to administer the APS testing, Certification in Creation Therapy, Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, and Masters of Divinity in Counseling.
    The lord Jesus Christ has called out a remnant of Servants to enrich the lives of his people. Bishop Dr. Cassandra Montgomery is one of the called out that, God will use, and the ministry, Divine Bread International Inc., will be blessed.
    The Lord Jesus Christ will raise new Worriers through His ministry.

    Special thanks to the late, Apostle Bishop Eddie A. Montgomery, and to, Bishop Dr. Cassandra Montgomery, Instructor Dr. Patricia Holland, and my Shepherd, Bishop Dr. Jerome Stokes.
    Thank you for, equipping me to do God’s work in times such as this.
    To God Be the Glory!
    Elder Pauline Joyner, MDiv,
    License Clinical Pastoral Counselor.

  2. Wow! This is absolutely amazing. The Lord prepared you for these unseen events. Man did not know but He did and He guided you accordingly.

    May God continue to bless you for being obedient to His words.

    You have my support. Thank you for including me in on this amazing journey!

  3. A mighty witness for the Kingdom.. The Lord hath need of thee… He will bless the Work you have been assigned . For the Vision will come to pass….Bishop, doors will open that no man can shut .. So, We are going to just say… “Hallelujah..”

  4. God chose you Dr. Montgomery because you love Him. You have God in you and it is impossible for you to mistreat another human being. God has given you physical awareness, pride, and cultural aspects of the African heritage. Even though, I know you would gladly connect with any ethnic division because you are a heartfelt individual and you understand how to represent in a specific manner. From my observation you let go and let God take charge. Please continue to move forward and stay humble as you are. I am proud of you and all of your accomplishments.

  5. God chose you Dr. Montgomery because you love Him. You have God in you and it is impossible for you to mistreat another human being. God has given you physical awareness, pride, and cultural aspects of the African heritage. Even though, I know you would gladly connect with any ethnic division because you are a heartfelt individual and you understand how to represent in a specific manner. From my observation you let go and let God take charge. Please continue to move forward and stay humble as you are. I am proud

    1. Congratulations and much success Dr. Bishop Cassandra Montgomery. I have watched your amazing journey as the Lord Jesus Christ has strategically guided you for His glory. Much success in this next phase of the journey as a visionary leader (teaching, preaching, counseling, guiding) in the kingdom of God. You not only have earthly credentials BUT a kingdom anointing for such a time as this. Forward and upward. Former member and alumni of Family Bible Ministries/University Worldwide.

  6. As a alumni under the leadership of Bishop Dr. Cassandra Montgomery , I call her my mentor, while attending Family Bible Ministry University, I have experienced the favor and glory of the Lord through worship, spiritual guidance ,instructions, mentorship, direction even Counseling while receiving ordination of Ministry and studies in various classes followed by completion of Degrees in Bachelor of Biblical studies, Master in Clinical Counseling, Doctoral of Ministry in Counseling..and final published book “Who Am I” ( the Metamorphosis of my life) a journal self-help or Counseling tool focusing on self-esteem/self-awareness… using the Arnos/profile (tool)
    All birth under the covering of such God driven leadership…
    Dr. Linda R. Jordan

  7. O Bishop Dr. I never heard about the passing to glory of your husband until I just read. May his humble and gentle soul rest in perfect peace till we meet again. I am Prof. Samuel Oheneba Dornyo, an NCCA licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor-Advanced Certified. I am a Ghanaian and lives in Accra-Ghana, West Africa. I have been a member of the NCCA since 2002 and Board Certified Clinical Supervisor since 2004. I know your husband so well as member of the Governing Board of Examiners. God bless you for the great work you are doing for the Master. I have a University College in Ghana called the College of Counseling and Psychology. We must find a way to collaborate. Be truly blessed.

  8. I am proud and greatly honored to be Associated with such a woman of high spiritual integrity and Godly wisdom! Bishop Dr. Cassandra Montgomery has proven down through the years to be focused on the salvation of the Saints and the welfare of others. What a gift from God in this new assignment that he has placed at your feet. It is my prayer that the favor of God covers this new assignment and all that comes in contact with it. See what the Lord can do!

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