2 thoughts on “November / December 2014”

  1. I often think about my early years in class as I began my studies in the area of counseling and always before me was one thought; helping all God’s children understand that God will provide a way. As a servant of God I have gotten stronger in understanding that even when I think my back is against the wall and there is no way out, I see the presence of God and I know that what I do not see, God has already open the door for me. I became a Christian counselor because I watched my mother depend on many with degrees as they continued to give her medications, but no one could help her find a new direction. My mother was not a bad person, she had all the gifts and skills she needed to each out and help others and she gave but there was no one to help her and give her the strength she needed to win the fight. Psalms 139 has allowed me to reach out to others and share the understanding they need experience how much God loves and cares for them. As I saw my mother drift away, it has helped me to grow and reach out to others. Psalms 139 and National Christian Counselor Association training program has allowed me to build a program that my mother would be proud of today and maybe my mother would still be hear today.
    “Until we understand who we are in Christ, we will not understand who we are as a person.” We perish because of a lack of understanding.
    May God bless us with wisdom and understanding as we walk towards our appointed goals.

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