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Rev. Susan Beth Hans
  Rev. Susan Beth Hans


 Rev. Susan Beth Hans is a Certified Pastoral Member of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling and an International Representative.  She has been involved with the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling since March 25, 2014.

The Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling has proved to be a tremendous source, and resource, for the Temperament Counseling ministry at Ezra Ministries in Delmont, PA.   One year ago I became an International Representative.  I have been with the N.C.C.A. as a Licensed Pastoral Counselor in the temperaments since 1995 and a Sr. Pastor of two church ministries.  In May of 2012 Ezra Ministries became a Christian Temperament Counseling, Christian Education and Worship Center.  Our focus is to raise up a generation that is strong (in the Lord) and does great exploits for the Kingdom of God and then instructs others (Daniel 11:32b-33a).

When I became an IR, my purpose at the time was to offer the course; “Created in God’s Image” A Course In Human Behavior: A Christian Perspective”, by the Arno’s.  Several of my clients expressed interest in understanding temperaments other than their own.  Members of our fellowship and those who became familiar with temperament through our outreach ministries also expressed interest in discovering their God created temperament as well as understanding  temperament. The Created in God’s Image course was the ideal response for both groups!

On Saturday, January 31, Ezra Ministries Christian Temperament Counseling and Worship Center held our first one day seminar; Created in God’s Image.   Ten very excited people were in attendance. Some already had their temperament profiles but for the others it was their first experience with the APS.  The possibility of doing in seven hours what you would do in six weeks teaching this course was understandably limited, so I decided my approach would be an overview.   I would concentrate on the areas that I felt would give the greatest understanding and still do the course justice.  At the same time, I wanted to whet their appetites for more!  We began by exploring what temperament is with the first few chapters.  This included;  building blocks of the inner man, the theory of temperament and introducing the three areas of Inclusion-Control-Affection, why Temperament is important, and the interpersonal situations and then the five basic temperaments.   We did a brief overview of the historical and scientific background for temperament.   The afternoon was then spent viewing the individual temperaments touching on the blends in the I-C-A which led to much discussion and was very productive.

I’ll share with you a few comments from the feedback surveys each were asked to fill out about how this seminar affected them; “From the facts presented, I can truly see myself the way God sees me and wants me to be…The presentation was awesome and easy to understand.” M.B. “Liked the opportunity to hear from others and participate” C.J. “What I learned today explains a lot in my life!  Very blessed today!” J.L. “I feel this will help me in working with others to have more understanding of other’s temperaments. I would like to pursue further education in the temperament counseling.” L.Y. “Given an overview of the temperaments, I am better able to understand myself, others and interpersonal dynamics.” H.C. “ I have had previous training in the Arno’s “Creation Therapy” study, however, this seminar really clarified the terms and temperaments and gave me clearer understanding….this day was productive, fun and a real blessing!” R.W.    Each attendee gave excellent ratings and said they would definitely recommend this seminar to others.  Four of the attendees came to the ministry center two weeks later and took the exam.  Three are moving on to Creation Therapy, this is thrilling!  Others are making appointments to gain further understanding of their God given temperament.   A date in May has been set for a second Created in God’s Image Seminar.  Moving with the flow of the Spirit!

I am thrilled to be an IR with the SACC!  Discovery of our God created temperament, as you know, is liberating, healing, and connects us so beautifully to our Creator and each other.  We have been afforded such an exciting as well as exceptional tool to aid our brothers and sisters in the discovery of their personal temperament.  This tool also encourages discovery of their own personal ministry to others.  Using the gifts and graces given by the Lord through each temperament, every member of the Body has the opportunity to become their unique part.  In this hour it is ALL HANDS ON DECK.   Now, more than ever, it is time to raise up a generation that knows their God and knows who they are created uniquely to be in His Image.  The need to recognize others and our unique gifting (temperament) and to love one another is a requirement from the Lord (II Cor. 5:16; John 13:34-45).   Remember the time when Paul rejected John Mark at the beginning of their relationship because he didn’t recognize his temperament?  Paul in his quick tempered demanding Choleric temperament, focused on John Mark’s weakness and failure.  What a mess that was for Paul and Barnabas!   But the Lord, knowing John Mark, purposed him to become a great aid and confidant to Paul….beloved, faithful to the Lord, a true gift and fellow workman in the Kingdom.  How remarkable we truly are, created in God’s Image!

God bless you all so good!

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