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Dr. Orville L. Eacker

Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling International Representative Spotlight

Stepping Stone Ministries, Inc., Stepping Stone Church, Stepping Stone Counseling Center, Stepping Stone School of Christian Counseling were founded in 2006 by Rev. (Dr.) Orville L. Eacker. He has been an International Representative (IR) Certified Pastoral Member with Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling (SACC) since 2008. He is also a member of the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA) since July 2005. As an NCCA member, he is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor-Advanced Certification; Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor; professional Clinical Member, and Clinical Supervisor-Diplomate. Dr. Eacker holds a Doctorate in Christian Counseling from Andersonville Theological Seminary, and a Master in Science and Bachelors in Arts Degree from the State University of New York at Albany.

Stepping Stone School of Christian Counseling is located in Gouverneur, New York, and has been approved by the NCCA as a Certified Academic Institution (CAI) since February 12, 2012.

As an International Representative with SACC, Dr. Orv has founded and developed a counseling practice and a school of Christian counseling utilizing Creation Therapy (CT). Using CT as the core course, he has mentored many counseling students to know, understand, and implement Temperament Therapy into the student counselor’s life; and they, in turn, incorporated it into their own practices around the State of New York. Dr. Orv has now taught and worked with CAI students from Connecticut, Ohio, Vermont, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, California, and Tennessee. Many of these students are still in various phases of Christian counseling training, and some have gone on to start their own ministries.

Many of these new students have come as a result of an association with the GEI Institute out of Ohio. GEI stands for “Global Entrepreneurs Institute,” and they provide training in Biblical principles from the book of Proverbs to folks all around the world and the United States. Dr. Orv is the course director for GEI’s course called “Addiction, Control and Unclean Spirits,” with students now in several countries. (For more information on this please contact Dr. Dave Migliore at

The primary focus of the Stepping Stone School of Christian Counseling as a CAI has been in and around the greater New York State area; with students in Clifton Park, Long Island, Ithaca, Binghamton, Monroe, Rotterdam Junction, Gouverneur, Rennsalaer Falls, and Long Island.

Stepping Stone Counseling’s vision is to build a team of Creation Therapy trained counselors across the largest geographical country in NYS: St. Lawrence County. Their objective is to train counselors in Creation Therapy for the greater St. Lawrence County, New York region in several “need” areas.

One of those needs has been a significant increase in suicides in the county

over the last 10 years. CT trained counselors have seen a need to reach out to their community. A few of the Stepping Stone trained Christian counselors have attended QPR Suicide Prevention Training and Mental Health First Aid training to be ready to assist the county mental health crisis response team. Last year two young men in relationship difficulty were referred to them, as they had no recourse. These young men have since dedicated their lives to Jesus, have moved forward in new relationships and jobs, and are well.

Stepping Stone CT trained Christian counselors have started a fund called “Stand in the Gap SOUL Support” to address the need for Christ-centered available counselors; the need for folks trained to listen any time – day or night – to folks with suicidal issues, and to provide avenues to transport and assist getting folks in want state-of-the-art, mental health medical assessments, which currently do not exist in our area.

Another need area is what Dr. Orv calls “General Practitioner” counseling needs. Since the greater Gouverneur area is rural, every pastor across the county is dealing with every life issue that would occur in any city, but on a much smaller scale. A rural GP Christian counselor may encounter life issues such as drug and alcohol, marital, or suicidal tendencies. Therefore, creating a team of Creation Therapy trained counselors linking arms across the county would allow easier referrals to another counselor with an expertise in a particular counseling need area and provide a quicker repose for appointments. Before the Corona virus hit, the NYS

Wellness Centers in their area were overwhelmed with requests for counseling; causing folks to wait 45-60 days to get to see a mental health counselor –perhaps longer. We are not psychologists or psychiatrists or state licensed counselors, yet we are a relief valve for the stress and pressures of an area with high incidences of opioid use, depression etc. due to very high unemployment and the need for Jesus Christ as Lord and savior.

The other need is for those young adults with special needs. Therefore, Stepping Stone is starting a farm getaway program for teen to adult special need folks to get together in a Christian environment where they can have a voice and a listening ear, can hear Biblical Christian principles taught, as well as participate in simple, safe outdoor farm activities.

Stepping Stone Christian Counseling Center is busy counseling, leading folks to Jesus, and training students in CT today, tomorrow, and for as long as the well-trained CT Christian counselors know what their agenda is and remain committed to that goal. Proverbs 16: 2-3:

Proverbs 16:2-3 New King James Version (NKJV)

2 All the ways of a man (agenda) are pure in his own ( A ) eyes,

But the LORD weighs the spirits.3 ( B ) Commit [ a ] your works to the LORD , (what is your commitment to your agenda) And your thoughts will be established

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