In Loving Memory


                                                               TRIBUTE TO

                        APOSTLE BISHOP EDDIE A. MONTGOMERY, PH.D. OF

                         FAMILY BIBLE MINISTRIES, WORLDWIDE, INC., A


                                              April 19, 1936 – August 29, 2017




I am so very much honored to have been counted as one of Apostle Bishop Eddie Montgomery’s dearest friends.

We shared a love for counseling and for teaching others to counsel that ran deep within our souls.

Early in our ministry, I was commissioned by God as a Commander and told to develop counseling techniques to train the Body of Christ and He was commissioned by God as an Apostle and told to start a college and to use our program in the counseling department.

What a precious brother!

                    What a giant Christian servant!

                                         What a mighty man of God!

Bishop Montgomery was a member of Sarasota Academy from the very beginning — back in the very early 90’s. In fact, he was probably one of our very first members.

My fondest memories are those of our annual conferences (joint N.C.C.A. & Sarasota Academy conferences).  He attended nearly every single one of them! 

We always tried to out dress one another!

He would show up with a purple jacket and clergy collar to match and I would make my entrance wearing a bright aqua jacket and matching tie.

He always won the “best dressed” award and I kept asking: “Apostle Montgomery! Where do you get those cool threads?”

I know what he is wearing now that he is in Heaven! He is wearing the Glory of the Lord and he must be stunning!

I miss my brother in the Lord, but I know I will see him again!


Dr. Richard G. Arno

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2 thoughts on “In Loving Memory”

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful announcement of our brother’s passage home with the Lord. I pray that the family be comforted and encouraged by his life, legacy, and the many lives he touched.

  2. Thank you for sharing God’s blessings as you both produced through the counseling ministry over the years, which has benefited many of us today. It is heart warming to remember Bishop Montgomery for his works. I pray that God will enable all of us he left behind, carry on with the task of winning our counselees to the kingdom.

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