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Rev. Dr. Pearl Addo-Teye is a Certified Member of the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling (S.A.C.C.) and has been an International Representative (IR) since January 15, 2015.  She is also a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor-Advanced Certified with the National Christian Counselors Association (N.C.C.A.) since June, 2014.


Rev. Dr. Pearl Addo-Teye shares: “My life has been changed tremendously by the study and the use of Creation Therapy/temperament. It has helped me to be a better person and counselor. Using the Creation Therapy knowledge, the temperament tool and with the help of the Holy Spirit in my counseling, has helped my clients, and I have seen God transforming, situations and lives that only He can do. My clients are wowed by how I am able to tell them about their Strengths, Weaknesses and their Needs.” Some of them tell me:  “Dr. Pearl, you are talking like you live in my house.” My response to them is:  “God knows you, and has given us the Creation Therapy/ temperament tool to help us help you to know who you are, to help you be yourself, to become whole and healthy from within.”

I am very passionate about Creation Therapy/temperament, I am convinced that every person, as soon as they reach the age of accountability, should be taught Creation Therapy/temperament. Why? Because whatever we do in this life, ministry, calling, career etc., is with people, for people, through people and by people. We will continue and always interact with people until we take our last breath. That said, beside God, people are the next most important element in our life and we need to learn how to live with ourselves, the people in our life and those who will come into our life on any level. Creation Therapy/temperament is the only training, knowledge and tool that helps you to be able to relate with God and people effectively, peacefully and fruitfully.

Having this passion and conviction about Creation Therapy/temperament, I started a non-profit organization called Mind Renewal International (M.R.I) with the goal of raising funds to subsidize the training of the Creation Therapy Course in particular and the N.C.C.A counseling Training in general in the USA and Africa. The second goal of M.R.I is to partner with other institutions, colleges, Bible schools and organizations to incorporate the Creation Therapy course in their curriculum and to promote the Creation Therapy course in as many African Countries as possible.

Since 2015, MRI has taken 3 students in the USA and 11 students in Ghana West Africa through the Creation Therapy course. The 11 students from Ghana are made up of four different Churches. These Churches have contacted M.R.I at the African office and want to partner with us to make the Creation Therapy course part of their leadership training and bible school. All I said was “Glory to God for his faithfulness.” All we have to do is to obey the call of God for what He has placed on our heart and He will make a way to fulfill it.

On March 15th, I flew to Ghana, West Africa to have an official Graduation Ceremony for the 11 students graduating from the Creation Therapy course. A week before the graduation, I had a seminar with the 11 graduating students. Beside the other seminar topics the main topic was for the students to give their testimonies about the Creation Therapy course and to invite as many people as possible to the graduation ceremony; this was to serve as a way to advertise the course to others. I missed the greatest opportunity to record the testimonies of these students on how the Creation Therapy course has change their lives. The 11 students were made up of 2 reverend ministers, 1 medical doctor, 1 university lecturer and 7 Church elders. All these students had powerful testimonies, but the common theme that I noticed about what all of them had to say was how their lives have been changed, and how they are using the experience to help others, and the need for every Pastor or Church leader to take the Creation Therapy course.

I want to paraphrase the testimony of the Medical Doctor and the university lecturer. According to the Medical doctor, Creation Therapy has helped him to understand his patients better. He said he realized that not all patients need medication, some of them just need a listening ear and a caring heart, but he never thought about that until he took the Creation Therapy course. He also said, he takes the time to listen to his patients, and by doing that, he gets the opportunity to tell them the truth of the Word of God and the need for them to forgive, get rid of bitterness and trust in God. He said he also has more patience for his patients and approaches them in the way that they will open up to him. He has signed up to take the course to the PhD level.

The university lecturer was the first person to sign up to continue to the PhD level. He said as a lecturer, he no longer has the mindset of putting all his student in the same category and treating them the same, he realized that his students are unique. He now makes extra time for the students  who are  not so quick to understand what he is teaching. He also shared that he is on the board of an entertainment company and handles the interview process for hiring. He said using the knowledge of the Creation Therapy/temperament, has given him the opportunity to advise the owner of the company to put employees in areas that they will perform better. He said before taken the Creation Therapy/temperament course, he never paid attention to how a person’s temperament needs to be considered in the hiring process.

On Saturday March 25th 2017, we had about 120 people attend the Graduation Ceremony with 9 pastors in attendance. Since the graduation, a medical college, Churches and organizations have reached out to partner with M.R.I. I will be traveling back to Ghana to meet with our partners, draft contracts and begin mass advertising for the Creation Therapy course. I am trusting God for the wisdom to be able to know how to handle the partnership and to take the Creation Therapy/temperament as far as He wants to take it through M.R.I. I know His hand is on this ministry, and He will provide the resources that are needed. I am trusting Him to increase the effectiveness of the organization to reach as many people as possible with the Creation Therapy course.

I want to take this opportunity to thank God for the life of Dr. Richard and Phyllis Arno for their obedience to the Lord and their hard work to bringing this great tool to Gods people. I also want to thank all the amazing staff at Sarasota Academy. They are very helpful and knowledgeable with all my International Representative needs for the Creation Therapy course. God bless you all and I appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Finally, to my fellow IR’s, remember God never promised that what we do will be easy, because Creation Therapy is a powerful tool and we have this awesome opportunity to use this tool to liberate humanity, the enemy of our soul will fight us. God has promised He will be with us every step of the way and will bring us to an expected end and the victory is ours if we do not quit. Be strong in the power of the Lord for it will not be by your power or might, but by the Spirit of the Lord; and faithful is He who has promised and He will do. I believe we all know our God, right? He said we will be strong and do our labor in Him, it is never in vain.

May you all stay blessed and keep up the good work!

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4 thoughts on “IR Spotlight”

  1. Hello Reverend Doctor Preal Addo-Teye: You’re a blessing to many hurting individuals and professionals in various fields as people helpers in the Greek (Parakaleo). And yes, the A.P.S. Response Diagnostical Evaluation Report Questionnaire that circumvent’s the mask and identify the deep-seated blocks that caused them problems in the part of the mind specifically the preconscious (unconscious), conscious and subconscious minds as well as the way we think, behave, intrapersonal, interpersonal from our inborn temperaments and the traits of inclusion, control, affection, expressed, wanted needs, strengths and weaknesses. I appreciate your work in the ministry of counseling.
    Great job!!!

  2. Creation Therapy has being in ghana long before this time. Dr. Samuel Oheneba Dornyo started a centre which is affiliated with International Theological Seminary, Sarasota, more than 15 years ago. I was trained by him. He has formed the Ghana Association of Christian Counselors; the 50th registered professional body in ghana. Dr. Pearl can collaborate with him.

  3. Wow! Look at how God works. Obedience to the Holy Spirit is what it’s all about. I thank God for you and your willingness to proceed in that which God has given you stay strong. I love this testimony, and see a living testimony that reflect scripture…faith without work is dead just as works without faith works amount to nothing. thank you sister

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